This web page is created as a continuation of the photographic series „Rehearsing Family“ by Petra Mrsa. The main concept is the search for activities to be done inside the family, whose members would find them amusing, challenging and revealing. Contemporary family no longer relies on patriarchal authority nor is it connected through any other medium, as family members rarely spend time together. When they do, they do it routinely, automatically and without enjoying it.

The website has been launched to reflect this problem on a wide and synergic level, as this situation is familiar to almost any member of the contemporary society. It invites all families to participate in short activities which will in a simple, easily accessible manner transform passive family behaviour.

The goal of “practice” is to form an honest, intimate and open community that strengthens the individual, and the goal of documenting it and sharing with others (through text and photos) is to encourage others to act.